Boyar Schultz

I recently purchased a 1970 Boyar Schultz 6-12 deluxe surface grinder.
It has one-shot oiling and a built-in dust collector. I'm not sure what
type or grade to use in the one-shot oiler or how to clean or replace
the dust filters. All help will be gracefully appreciated. .... Al
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Al Basham
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I use regular way oil in my little SG.
Your dust collector may use fiberglass batting similar to hot-air furnace filters. Look carefully at it and see what type it is. I have a large box of these that fit my Rockwell grinder filter, many lifetimes supply, if you need this type hit me up and I'll hook you up ..
GWE Kirkland, Washington to email me offline
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Grant Erwin
Mobil Vactra #2 is commonly used, in a variety of machines. Incl my Harig 6x12 SG. BP one-shot oilers, also, I think. Lathe ways, etc. You got dust collection? Nice. -- Mr. P.V.'d formerly Droll Troll
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The lube system takes way oil; Vactra #2 or equal.
The dust collector system uses filter "bags" that are not replaceable. In use they are cleaned by cycling a handle at the back of the dust collector base. The individual bags are removable from the front, after removing the front cover. Do not wash the bags, as this removes the fire retardant in the bags.
If changing voltages just remember that there are 3 motors; grinder, collector, and lube pump.
John Normile
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John Normile

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