Boyar Schultz 6-12 Direct Drive Spindle Bearings

The Spindle Bearings on my Boyar Schultz 6-12 Direct Drive Surface
Grinder need replacing.
I've removed all of the covers and can see the snap ring holding the
front bearing, but can't get it out. I haven't determined how to remove
the motor, but can see the set screws in the flex drive thru tha access
hole in the right side.
Any help would be sincerly appreciated.
Thanks .... Al Basham
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Al Basham
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Locate the plugs on the side of the elevation housing and remove them
Elevate the spindle until you can reach the 4 setscrews.
Remove the bottom two First
Holding the motor..remove the upper two. Pull the motor out the back.
Looking into the back of the spindle housing, you will see the back side of the spindle and the nut that holds the spindle in the bearing.
Remove the nut
push the spindle out the front of the spindle housing
Using a rod..tap out the rear bearing the same direction as the motor came out.
Quite simple. Assemble in reverse order
Depending on model may have to remove the elevation screw
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