Pictures and VIDEO of electric motor bearing replacement

Thanks to all for your helpful advice.
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I learned how to make short video clips, so here goes.
From the webpage:
``I replaced a bearing in a 5 HP single phase Baldor motor. I simply
set it on the table, remove long screws holding it. Then I pried open
the rear bell, being careful not to damage wires. Removed wires and
pulled a shot rear bearing with a bearing puller.
I gently hammered the new rear bearing in place, using a water pipe
and being careful to place all load on the inside ring and nothing on
the outside ring or seal.
The front bearing turned out to be fine. I did not replace it.
I reassembled the motor and ran it. Here's a 16 MB .AVI video of it
running, starting and stopping. Let me explain what you see and hear
in the video. The humming noise is my phase converter. I run the motor
from one of its 220V legs. Two loud BANG sounds are me turning a heavy
duty disconnect on and then in a second or so, off. Then the humming
noise stops as I turn off the phase converter. Then you see the motor
slowly spinning down. ''
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