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I have been asked how to clean a whole bunch of marine brass fittings from a sail boat. All have been removed in the refurbishing of the boat. My business is mostly gold and platinum but I have used a vinegar and salt mixture to clean copper pots for many years. Does a good job at it.

Does any one have a similar type of mixture for cleaning brass?

Thanks for all your help.

Bill Verge

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Billy V
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I would throw them in a large tumbler with some tumbling abrasive and soapie water.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Drop them in a bath of dilute muriatic acid. If they're heavily encrusted you can brush them lightly while they're in the acid with something like an automotive mechanic's parts cleaning brush. Flush them thoroughly with water afterwards, and follow up with a polishing after they're dry. After they've been in the muriatic acid they'll have a matte reddish appearance, but polishing them usually brings the yellow back out. If they were heavily corroded, the surface material may have become dezincified, leaving a reddish cast on account of the copper that's left behind when the zinc goes away. If this has happened you may not be able to get down to bright yellow without having to take off a lot of material.

HTH, Tom Dacon

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Tom Dacon

IOSSO case cleaner works great for me on rifle brass.


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I would avoid acids on any zinc based alloy. You can't beat mechanical cleaning. Chemical cleaning has its place but 98 percent of the time I clean using a motorized brush, its just faster and easier, and more effective. Then buff with rouge. The only time I use chemicals is when cleaning out antique gasoline tanks. Brent Wegher

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I want to thank all of you for taking time out of your busy day to answer my question. Sincerely


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