Brass Tubing?

Don't know about cheap, but these people might have it:

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A 1/4" wall is thicker than most suppliers stock. Your best bet for such a small piece is to buy a 3" solid rod and bore it out.


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Randal O'Brian

You might check on a brass bushing in that size. Call your local bearing house. The 6" length might be the problem, but I know they go up to at least 4". An alternative would be to buy a chunk of bunting stock (extruded tubulat brass bushing stock) and machine it inside and out. Standard length is 13".


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Bill Marrs

Not sure what type of brass pipe(?) is at Capitol Metals in Phoenix, but they have some really thick walled in really large sizes. Was thinking 'cannon' when I walked by. Per lb would be cheaper than solid rod. Call suppliers in your area and see who they sell to. A 6" length might be waste to someone.

Joel. phx

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Joel Corwith

Hi Guys I am looking for some brass tubing that is 3" o.d. x 2.5" i.d. I only need about 6". Does anyone know if this is available? And if so where can i get it without pay and arm and a leg? Thanks GD

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that's not tube, it's hollow bar

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Eric Shune

Alaskan Copper comes close to the size you need, but not right on. They show hollow bar in SAE 660 bearing bronze that is 3" OD X 2-1/4" ID. It would be easy enough to bore it out if you can hold the bar in broad soft jaws so it won't distort by chucking pressure. Their catalog claims they will cut to length, but there's no mention of price. I wouldn't expect a bargain for the piece, especially right now with metals so high.


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Harold & Susan Vordos

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