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James P Crombie
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I was wondering if some of you could enlighten me on the proper lubrication of a Bridgeport-style quill. We have a Acra knee mill that has always had something of a tight quill. I don't believe that there is any interference, I think it's just very tightly toleranced. The reason I say that is that when you wipe off the oil from the quill, it loosens up immediately. We recently added some oil to the quill, but, not having any lube specifically for it, we added some that we had lying around. I don't recall what it was; in fact, I don't even know if it was labelled. I was simply given it for that task. Now the quill is even worse. Even more frustrating, the quill does the "stick-slip" dance when you are trying to move it smoothly. You can imagine how frustrating that is when drilling with small drills or power-tapping. Is the oil special? Should we use a lighter viscosity oil for this quill? I would be interested in knowing what makes way lube suitable for ways also. Thanks, Brent.

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Brent Muller

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