HF 39955 Drill Press Runout

My 12" benchtop Delta drill press needs to be replaced. I want
something bigger, more versatile, more accurate, and inexpensive. The
Harbor Freight 39955 drill press seems to meet all the criteria so far.
Has anybody measured the runout on one of these machines with the stock
chuck? Is the machine noisy? Does it have much vibration?
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I've had mine for several years now and am quite happy with it. It's big and HEAVY, and I like the large table. Runout on my unit is as good as the chuck I have on it; .001"( It's spindle is MT3). It may be better than that. It is very impressive for cheap Chinese. If I want better, I drill on the mill. Dean
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Dean Quackenbush
Is that with the chuck that comes with the machine or with an aftermarket one?
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I don't have anything relevant to add - I just wanted to say that that's one funny-looking last name ya got, fella. Where the heck did you get that?
R, Tom Q.
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Tom Quackenbush

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