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Hello all,

Someone on here has a VERY nice writeup of the rebuild they did on an M head Bridgeport, but do you think I can find it? If someone could please post the link for me would be great.



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Go to Google and type in "M head reguild" and see what you get.

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Bob May

I have an old M head, round-ram Bridgeport, serial # 1388 (roughly 1938). I have retrofitted it with a J head, which was a great improvement. But, what do you need to know? I've had much of it apart at one time or another.


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Jon Elson

Is the M head column/base exactly the same as the newer J head? Was there any loss of y-axis travel?

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Vladimir Vladimirovich

I was just trying to get a scope of it as I have an M head I am thinking about tearing apart completely and "refreshing". Not sure if you can call it a rebuild w/o scraping ways and such. I just plan to give this a thorough cleaning, fix any minor issues, and repainting. I don't think I can justify the cost of recraping the ways and such. Other than being really old, this machine isn't really that worn out.

Someone here had a link to their personal webpage where they had done something similar. Except he had rescrapped the ways. It was a very well done page and I was trying to find it again. I have tried every combination of search terms I can think of and have not been able to find it.

Do you have your old head? I would be interested in it.



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Bob May wrote: : Go to Google and type in "M head reguild" and see what you get. ^^^^^^^ --Aye, that would be a beauty, eh? :-)

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