Brown and Sharpe Universal Grinder

The museum was given a universal grinder. They have not got it in hand just yet, but do have a couple of boxes of parts and some literature. It was made in about 1905 and has individual motors, so it does not fit in with the line shaft operated tools. But they want to put it in the maintenance building and use it for............Well I really have no idea of what they expect it would be good for. Ever if it is clapped out, it probably has more precision than is needed for most jobs.

Never the less they want me to get it sorted out and cleaned up so it can be used.

So does anyone have any thoughts about this. I am gung ho as it is something I get to use and does not take any room in my shop.

I think it is the same as Ebay item 400214154367

If anyone has an operations or parts manual they would donate to the museum, that would be much appreciated. Or maybe just a link to a place that has free on line manuals.


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OOps, the item is no longer for sale and Ebay has removed the listing and pictures.


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Still OK for me:

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