Miniature Extended Reach End Mills

Ok, who really actually stocks and sells them. Particularly miniature extended reach. Kyocera seemed like the answer for a while since I could buy direct, but they take days to respond to smallish order requests, often do not answer the phone, and when they do finally process the order they take a couple days to ship.

Arch, Microcut, Atlas, and Harvey all have products that might work, but I have not been able to find anybody with a decent on-line interactive system where I check that they actually have them, has a stock of other than the most common sizes (many don't stock any), and ships in a timely manner.

MSC has a decent inventory system integrated with their on-line store and shipment times are pretty darn reasonable, but they don't stock anything but the common sizes. Hardly anything in the miniature extended reach. Yes, they are a distributor for some of the companies that make the stuff I want, but have you ever tried to order something that isn't in the catalog from one of their scripted order takers. Yuck! Even once you have already done all the work for them you often have to convince them to actually help you.

Its so frustrating to try and order what I need sometimes that I usually check Fleabay first to see if anybody is offering what I need right now. I literally get better service from most Fleabay vendors than some of the "professional" tool companies.

I remember the day I found out Motion Industries sells some of this stuff, and that there was a local store. I also remember how frustrated I was when I found out they basically didn't stock "anything" locally...

I do have some Micro Cut stuff coming to fill my current needs, but like every other vendor... I ordered it last week and I won't see it until next week. Obviously they don't stock any of the stuff I needed either. Not sure it would have shipped yet if I hadn't dropped the reseller a line this morning and asked if they could provide tracking.


I've gotten to hate picking up the phone to try and place an order for anything. The person at the other end just wants you to give them a part number and punch it in. Why bother? Why employ somebody to just sit there and introduce another vector for error?

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McMaster, McMaster, McMaster...

They have by far the best online system to find what you are looking for and all you have to do is click on the part number and it will tell you if it's in stock and when it can ship. Like a 1/32" dia 3/32" LOC 2.25" OAL length cobalt steel two flute end mill which shows in stock.

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Pete C.

I have purchased a couple long reach end mills from McMaster, but they really don't have a big selection of the miniature long reach stuff listed either. Their on-line inventory system is quite good though. Every bit as good as MSC's.

I do often forget to check them for stuff though. I bought a bunch of screw on handles from an Ebay vendor once at what I thought was a good price, only to find I could have sold them at a tidy profit at that price if I had bought them from McMaster. LOL.

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Oh ... oh ... oh ... Are you trolling?! MSC as good as McMaster!?! They're not in the same league! McMaster is sweet, sweet, sweet ... MSC SUCKS!


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Well, I have about come to the conclusion that what I want does not exist.

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