Bubble Room Failure Analysis

A couple of fellas in N. Nevada made an underwater bubble structure in
a lake near their house and now are considering making and selling a
retail product.
IMO this has lawsuit/death trap/gene pool cleansing all over it. It's
gotten a moderate amount of media attention. They anchored it with
stainless cables to boulders. They are also thinking of making a
swimming pool version. How the hell are they going to keep that
submerged? A ton or two of lead?
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They finally found a safe use for DU, huh?
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Larry Jaques
I totally agree with you. I have recently completed my basic scuba training, and even with a breathing apparatus, I'd keep a good distance from that contraption. It is essentially a penetration dive with a bunch of steel cables added to further increase the danger.
They claim they have a PADI license, but their behavior in the clip show that they are either lying or they are ignoring what they have been taught. More danger.
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Robert Roland

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