can anyone estimate some custom gears?

I'm considering a project that will need some custom gears. I only got into this hobby in the last year, and haven't bothered contacting any custom gear shop yet. I've never had any custom shop parts done at all before; I am just curious what a ballpark figure might be.

These are somewhat odd, in that they need to function both as mechanical drives part of the time, and as a gear (fluid) pump at other times. So the teeth need to seal against each other as well as reasonably possible. The mechanical load is not very much though, a couple HP, perhaps 500 PSI (fluid pump) pressures.

Size is 5.5" diameter, tooth height is maybe 1/2" (kinda big I know), tooth angle 30° or so. Both wheels the same size/# teeth. Width is 3/4", material = carbon steel (flame hardening I am not sure of the necessity or not, would depend on the cost) Centers bored 1" w/a keyway, aligned identical on all the wheels.

I would need three pairs of these gearwheels. Anybody care to make a guess as to $?

I bought a pair of car engine timing gears that looked promising (they are not the exact sizes I wanted but may be close enough) but they don't meet exactly perfect; the tips of the teeth do not extend all the way to the bottom cuts of the opposing wheel. These cost about $50 a pair....

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If non-custom gears cost $50 a pair, then custom gears are going to cost a _lot_ more.

Is there a reason you can't use some sort of stock gear for power transmission, and an automotive oil pump for pumping? AFAIK the requirements for a good power transmission gear somewhat conflict with the requirements for a good gear pump impeller.

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