Can you cut the sank off of an end mill?

Total newbie here. I have got a 1/4" carbide end mill (1 1/4" cutter - 4"
O.A.L.) that is to long. I would like to cut about 1/2" off of the shank
and then use it . Is this ok to do? I could mill it off or cut it with an
abrasive wheel. Thanks all
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Solid carbide? You're going to need a diamond wheel to do that.
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jim rozen
Score it (notch it) with an appropriate grind wheel. Be careful to not breathe the dust from a "green" wheel. Wrap a rag around it and clamp in the vise. Smack it with a hammer to break at the score line. Same procedure works with HSS end mills.
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Robert Swinney
Couldn't you just cut the thing all the way through with a speedy cut?
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Peter Grey

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