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Does anybody know how much you can bore out a 1" dia. 6061 aluminum rod before
loses it's structural integrity
and either bends or breaks?.
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Ron Hubbard
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Compared to what? For a first approximation on thin wall tube, your strength is a linear function of the wall thickness. Half the wall, half the strength. My guess is that you will run into a thin spot that crumples rather than a standard bending failure. Of course a standard aluminum can is only .003" wall, it can stand a lot of end pressure before it collapses catastrophically.
R> Does anybody know how much you can bore out a 1" dia. 6061 aluminum rod before it
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Ron, since you can readily obtain 1"o.d. aluminum tubing in 0.015" wall thickness, it stands to reason that with careful centering and light cuts, you could go down to 0.005" or so. You'd have to bolster the chucked end, and you wouldn't be able to work with much overhang.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
It all depends on what load you are going to apply to it. In pure numbers the Moment of inertia of a 1" solid rod is .0490874. A tube with a .5" ID it is .0460194 so you don't loose a lot. For a .75"ID it is .0335558 so you loose about a third For a .875" ID it is down to .0203133 so it is less than half as stiff.
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Glenn Ashmore
You would pretty much have to put the 1"OD tubing inside a 1" ID pipe to do the machining.
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Nick Hull
You could bore the wall pretty thin if you held it in a 5C collet. The other end would need support, such as a wrapping of tape, to make it fit the collet closer tube.
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