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I need to get hold of some chemicals to create colour some copper sheet. The chemicals I need are such formulas as ferric nitrate, Sulfurated potash and Ferric chloride I can only find suppliers who supply it by the ton. Does anyone know a supplier in the UK who can supply these and ond other similar chamicals in smaller quantities?



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Ferric Chloride should be available in quantities around 1lbs from most Electronics supplyers... check out

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--> components --> PCB & Circuit development --> Etching equipment

Places like RS Components or Farnell might be cheaper in larger quantities..


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stock all the chemicals you ask about, and supply in small quantities.

I haven't dealt with them. If you do could you please let me know how it turns out.


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What might be an idea is to go to

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look for chemical supply companies in your area. Phone round saying "I'd like to place a small order by credit card", and see which ones don't hang up.

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Try the local chemist - the druggist - the local place you buy pills.

Often they have direct access to chemical companies so they can make up some versions they sell.

I used to buy some chemicals from my pharmacy when I was a young man.

If you have a university near by - might call the chemistry department and ask to talk to someone. They might have better names for local supplies.


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