Good deal on a floor jack

I found myself needing a hydraulic floor jack to complete some work, so I went browsing the local automotive shops via their web sites and stumbled across this deal at Schucks:

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It is a 3.5 ton floor jack that lifts from 3.75" to 22", for a whopping $19.99 + tax (its regularly $99.99)

Torin Jacks Model: T83505 UPC: 15268 83505

My wife picked it up for me at the local shop here in Kirkland, WA (Rose Hill) this afternoon - it even rang up on the in-store computer for the $19.99, the store guys were astonished.

Just passing along a good deal.


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Dan, maybe you'd be interested in the local metalworking club known as Seattle Metalheads Society. We existed for years as a loosely organized email list but we have now migrated to the Yahoo! group seattle_metalheads

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I know it's kind of a pain to have to deal with Yahoo's klunky interface, but since we moved over there we've seen 3X growth. Anyway, we are actually having a meeting this Saturday April 30th at my house in Kirkland. Details are available on the Yahoo group mentioned above or you can email me directly but do *not* do it by replying to this, rather you should visit
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This time our meeting (10AM-2PM) will be a potluck (eat around noon) and will feature not just machining but also some hot work presentations and demonstrations. We are lucky to have Michael Porter, author of the book "Propane Burners for Forges, Foundries and Furnaces" locally, and he will present and demonstrate, and another local luminary will demonstrate and may even make a casting or two.

Hope to see you (or others as well!).

Grant Erwin Kirkland, Washington

P.S. If you'd been > I found myself needing a hydraulic floor jack to complete some work, so I

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Grant Erwin

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