Hydraulic floor jack (rolling) model

Anyone have or know where I can get a reasonably accurate ASSEMBLY model of a rolling floor jack -- the kind used commonly in auto shops? I'll need to translate in to SolidWorks, so an IGES, STEP, ACIS or Parasolid would be best.

TIA Mark 'Sporky' Stapleton Charlotte, NC

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Are you still looking for this!?

IIRC, there was a Pro/e rolling floor jack but I do not remember who offered it and I do not have it anywhere?

Otherwise, I think some Acad/MDT user made one years ago as well.. and posted it so on their ng and... maybe some IV user converted it?

.., thinking about it,.. I do not think the model(s) were that good or I would have saved it??

But,.. Spork, you should be able to create one fairly fast, no? I'm guessing your or I could do a fairly detailed on in about 3-4 hours?


Sporkman wrote:

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Paul Salvador

Thanks, Paul. The problem is not the difficulty of modeling . . . I simply don't have access to a jack to look at, much less one that I can take apart. I've got an inventor client who has adapted one for a special use and he wants to see whether I can improve his adaptation. To do that I've got to be able to duplicate the actual relative positions that such an assembly can assume. I guess I'll have to "assume the position" some other way. :)

Mark 'Sporky' Staplet>

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