Chemical suppliers in the UK or patina solution

I am looking for online or otherwise chemical suppliers in the UK and am at the moment looking for a small quantity of Copper Acetate such as sub 1kg. So far I have found one supplier that will do 500g with the total delivered price about £50. I would prefer less material and a lower price. The purpose is to make a patination solution for brass/bronze. Otherwise if any one knows a supplier of ready made solution to give a dark brown patina that would also do.

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You mean you want to put items aged in a very dodgy fashion into an auction? Lol

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Personally I have been asked to make some parts and patina them to match supplied parts, what the client does is of no real concern to me. The part manufacture is no problem, the patina is an issue I have never had to deal with before. This does remind me though of my aunt that mentioned she would buy crystal decanters with missing stoppers and she knew a glass blower that could reproduce them, as the decanters were not complete they were cheap, and she would sell them as having replacement stoppers, the question is what did the subsequent vendors sell the item as.

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Try Rose Chemicals, or I can make you half a pound for say £20 delivered. I don't have any in stock though :(

-- Peter Fairbrother

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Meadows and Passmore sell a cold patinator for cuprous alloys in 3 shades at £16 for 500 ml.

Cliff Coggin.

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Cliff Coggin

Have a look at Ron Chernich's site at

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Go to the resources section, then FAQ. Number 13 gives details of how to patinate brass with common household chemicals.


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