Chicago Pneumatic Impact Gun CP734 Parts

I've got one of these older model impact guns that is just not
performing as well as it should. I took a look around for the tune up
kit and the repair kit, but couldn't find anything specific for this
gun. I found a bunch of references to CP734H parts and to CPT734, but
nothing for plain CP734. I don't think the "H" parts will fit. Does
anybody have a source for parts for the older CP734 model? Also, is
there part that typicall goes bad on these guns?
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Bearings, vanes and trigger springs are the usual culprits. Parts here about half way down the page.
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If the tool has been sitting for very long, the oil gums up and the power goes way down. A disassembled soak in solvent, reoiling, and reassembly usually helps a whole lot. My old Rodac 1/2" impact is doing that since I haven't used it in decades.
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