CNC: G-Code to I/O language Converter?

Picked up a nice ISA 4 axis w/encoder stepper controller on Ebay for $5.00.
It's an OMS PC38. Got the drivers from OMS, installed the board in my
IBM PS1 (pos1) that I use to run my CNC Sherline mill. The board reports
it's OK and ready to roll. The OMC board uses Basic, Pascal, C, etc.
written I/O. I need a program (free) that will translate g-code to I/O
for the board. Anybody?
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The PS-1 is Dos. The program I need (if Windoze)should output to file, not write to the board.
JR North wrote:
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JR North
The world has passed this of sort thing by. I got lucky, spotted the trend three years ago and sold mine when it was still worth something.
Take a look at Mach 3 CNC software. Its better than the high cost commercial stuff from only a few years ago. You'll need gecko dirvers to go with this. There's a great newsgroup on this on Yahoo and on CNCzone.
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