Cnverting a sucion type blast cabinet to a pressure vessel type?

Has anyone here converted a suction type bead balst cabinet to a pressure vessel type? I am now struggling with he speed and efficieny of my medium sized blast cabinet. The cabinet itself is just the right physical size for my needs, I just need to increase the speed of it for blasting heavily encusted things. Ebay shows a few similar sized presure fed machines, and a few separate pressure vessels. Marrying up a vessel to my machine seems a good idea, ut I am unsure just what I will need to do this. I have enough air for either typ. Thanks

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Chris Wilson
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You do realize that a pressure fed blaster is a "batch" process while a suction is a "continuous" one? That is, with a pressure pot you have to stop and refill when it's empty and a suction cabinet continuously recirculates the medium.

Assuming you knew that, then if your question is "How do I make a pressure blaster a continuous process?", I think you're out of luck. No doubt it's possible (i.e., wouldn't violate any natural laws), but too complicated to be realistic.

I'd be very interested in being shown wrong, Bob

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Bob Engelhardt

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