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I went on my Sunday heart healthy hike today along the North Country Trail and the only trash I saw was this.

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I'm sure there are some metal bottle tops near by to make it on topic.


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"Bob La Londe" wrote in message news:hab9vh$dj5$

wow. congratulations to that guy. (presumably picked up someone else's garbage while he was out on a bass fishing trip.)


(i helped organize a "litter pick up day" the past two years on three local roads near me, about 4 miles total. the town graciously agreed to pick up what we collected but we got in trouble for having picked up stuff that was further than the prescribed 15 feet from the edge of the road. the landowner along those roads is COMPLETELY unresponsive to removing the ugly eyesore garbage. last saturday i bagged up 7 bags of garbage someone had thrown there a couple years ago, disgusting disposable diaper jell wads, etc. i've become protective of those roads. i noticed one of the people who lives along that road was having a new sidewalk put in at his house and he or his contractor was dumping the brick/concrete rubble down the bank across the road onto someone else's property (farmland). we'd JUST picked up the litter there this past april where he was throwing his garbage so it pissed me off to see that obviously man-made rubble there. i went to the police and was astonished they were COMPLETELY unhelpful. asked me if i was the landowner, told me "it's not garbage", the landowner would have to file a complaint (as i said before, the lawyer who's managing the land for the absentee landowner is COMPLETELY unresponsive, they're only just trying to develop the 600 acre plot, they don't care what it looks like to the neighbors until then, strewn with garbage.) i was totally shocked at the police (zero) response.) i went to the town hall and the supervisor sent the highway superintendent to check it out and when i followed up i was told it was further than 15 feet from the edge of the road and it's not the town's responsibility. so that brick rubble will either stay there till the next ice age or when they develop the land (proposed 300 house development, more houses than in the current village) maybe they'll have to pick it up.

i hope the guy in the picture didn't have to pay to get rid of the tires out of his own pocket.

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William Wixon

Around here, them's dimes. When we operated our store next to the beer store parking lot (in Canada, we have government operated stores that sell only beer. What better way to collect the sin taxes!) I used to comment that I found three dimes on the lawn this morning - customers thought I had real good eyesight! Gerry :-)} London, Canada

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Gerald Miller

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