cookie cutters

Hi, I would like to make my own cookie cutters and I wonder if
anybody knows any web sites about this subject. thanks.
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My dad has his old Die Knife bender that would work great. Not sure where you would find one, my dad did package design and part of the work was making the die knives to "cookie cut, and score" the box board. He must have over 100 die's to make all kinds of shapes. I have allot of die knives and can get boat loads more if you need any. The die knives are not SS so proper drying would be needed.
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Sounds like steel rule die construction. Try a google search.
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dont know about making them but I can imagine you want to sell them
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(think I spelled it right??)
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Terry Thorne
cookiecuttercollectors (2 l's) is a Yahoo group
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Bob Engelhardt
I saw a clip on TV about a guy who makes them out of copper sheet. He cuts ~ 1-1/4" strips, rolls the top edge & then forms the "cookie" shape with dowel forms placed in a board, tweaking it with pliers, then silver solders the seam ( or was it spot welded?)
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