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I went to look at an old honda ATV so I can ride with my son, not looking for much. The deal on the ATV was good so I agreed to buy it. The seller then said he had an old bike he was going to sell, after sitting in traffic for 1 hour I said what the hell let me look. He had a 1982 Kawasaki kl250 he bought new and put 6,000 miles on, he said $50.00 its yours. Its all there no missing parts, no tank dents nothing, he even had the title. It needs a good cleaning and its been sitting for a long time. I was going to try to start it but will change the oil and clean the carb first, its damm cold over the next few days so it will have to wait.

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wayne mak
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So what kind of ATV did you end up with? I've got a soft spot in my heart for some of the old 3 wheelers.

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Gary Brady

I've been to 3 calls as an EMT over the years for folks who have/had those, maybe I could check with them and see if the 3-wheelers are still available. I know at least one of 'em is still around...

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Dave Hinz

3-wheelers are only dangerous when teen agers are driving them. I'm on SS and have no trouble with a Kawasaki 3-wheeler, have been driving it for over 15 years.
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Nick Hull

Yeah, the guy who left strips of his face on the handlebars and instrument cluster was pretty adamant he didn't care for the 3-wheelers either. But (shrug) hey, if someone wants one and they know what they're getting into, I don't see how it's much different than someone deciding to smoke or whatever. benefit:risk analysis varies by person. I wouldn't have one, but that's just me.

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Dave Hinz

They are OK if you stay within their limits - but you have to know they are quite low limits.

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clare at

What do teen-agers have to do with it?

Some years back, I was riding with my buddy, George. We stopped at a stop sign and a ready-mix truck was coming down the highway. George looked at it, observed, "I can beat that..." and stomped on the gas. He beat it by a few feet...

At the time, George was 89 years old... Of course, the local wags observed that George had learned to drive as a teen-ager and drove like a teen-ager all his life. And his big Buick didn't have a scratch on it...


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Jerry Foster

On Thu, 25 Jan 2007 19:46:53 -0500, with neither quill nor qualm, "wayne mak" quickly quoth:

Congrats, Wayne. I had a nice find today, too.

I spotted a Freecycle ad for a 43" 14.5hp riding mower and braved the

24F weather to go get it. It "made a loud noise and there was some oil coming out afterward" was the description of the damaged engine. I didn't spot any major holes through the case so it may be rebuildable.

The price ($0) was great, though, wot? And I gave him my business card. He may hire me for some work to boot.

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Larry Jaques

They're kinda tough on guys used to dirt biking, too, especially if you habitually "dab" with your feet during low speed maneuvers. Easy to run over your own leg.

Other than that, stuffing the steering right to the lock while underway is a pretty good recipe to do a superman, except that most guys are NOT actually bulletproof.

The Honda trikes are still pretty popular with the moose hunters that like to be able to get back in the swamps, as they will not sink in areas that a quad will.

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones


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Tom Gardner

I've only rode one 3-wheeler. It was a seriously hppedup Kawasaki 250. We took turns riding it around a very rough field behind the parts store. About 5 minutes was all I needed. I saw God.

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Or tourists.

In Tuscany, which is quite mountainous and has many narrow winding roads, many of the farm trucks are small three-wheelers: two back wheels under the bed, and a single steerable front wheel.

Anyway, when I asked a local the obvious question, her answer was that the locals rarely have an accident, and when they do, it's often caused by a tourist. By which she meant people not from Tuscany.

Joe Gwinn

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Joseph Gwinn

Joseph Gwinn wrote:...

formatting link
(1MB; or smaller picture,
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50KB) is a three-wheel truck that I saw a number of around Kolkata. (Notice the two people with oxy-propane cutting torches, at far right - a common sight on Bidhan Sarani street where I took this picture.) I didn't hear anything about the safety record of trucks like this. Pedestrians, motorcycles, and buses account for perhaps 100000 traffic fatalities per year in India.


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James Waldby

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