I've been using Castrol Cooledge 6519 semi synthetic coolant in my home
shop for about 2 years. Seems to work pretty well, but I guess the
best thing is that it never seems to generate any odor and the machines
stay very clean. Finally used up the last of it today, and looked on
MSC and see that it is now $250/5gal. I've been using at around 10%
which is a little rich, but I don't want rust when the machines sits
all week unused. Anyone use this stuff down around 5% without rust on
ways etc.? Anybody know who sells it by the gallon? Castrol was no
help. MSC shows gallon jugs of 6519 in their catalog, but only sell in
5 gallon pails. Open to other suggestions for coolant, but must have
minimun odor problems in small sumps - I have an office/guestroom area
over the shop.
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I have used En-cool, from engineered lubricants, and I think it is as good as what you've been using. They gave me a gallon sample free, and I've yet to use it up, and I'm so happy with it that I'm embarrased I haven't bought anything from them, yet! I used Trico's Tri-Cool before, and had poor tool life and terrible smells from the stuff. I can't believe the Encool is anywhere near as expensive as the Castrol stuff. See
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for more info.
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Jon Elson
I'll give them a call, thanks.
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