Coolant Pumps - Revisited

Son of a gun~!
I was cleaning up the mess from having cobbled together and tried so
many different things from trying to get the CNC mill running a
coolant pump that it never occurred to me to check the old pump after
I relaced the fuse.
I just ASSUMED that since I saw some smoke that it was the magic smoke
from *inside* the motor. Turns out that it wasn't. It was the coolant
oil that had gotten on the motor during use that was burning off. This
pump still runs great. Sunuvabitch.
Now I gotta figure out what to do with this pump... (:>) Doesn't do
oil well in its original configuration, but pumps water based coolants
very well. Maybe I'll adapt it to the Clausing Turret lathe....
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Or send it over to Yonkers. :)
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I have a pump freeken seize on me. Figured it was ruined. Even bought a new one. Ended up needing the mill for something before the new pump came in, so I took the old one apart and oiled (didn't even bother with grease) the bearings and stuck it back in. That was over a year ago and it's still going fine. Figures...
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Polymer Man
LOL. Exactly.
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