Cutting fluid

I have been using Enco No.1 cutting fluid on my BP and found it very functional specially when side milling. It suspends all that nasty needle shaped warf in a foam like mass, while the tool is spinning. I use a handheld oil can dispenser and squirt some on the work and on the tool. In the past using sulfurized cutting oil with the same method I would get a lot of smoking, smell and slippery floor. The Enco stuff does not smoke and smells decent. It is a slippery, blue liquid, seems to have very high surface tension so it does not get sprayed around by the spinning tool. The disadvantage seems to be if I leave the stuff on the table with swarf overnight it dryes to a glue like consistancy, and the next day is hard to clean up. Anyone use a special clean up method, besides the obvious clean immediately?

cheers T.Alan

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T.Alan Kraus
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