Dammit !

I helped a neighbor today , replacing the upper ball joint and
a-frame bushings on his '05 Chevy truck . Too bad I didn't realize that
spacer sleeve was too short ... and I bent the threaded part of the
tapered shaft of the new ball joint right at the cotter key hole . I
wondered why it was being so obstinate , didn't want to go in straight
and took a lot more force than I thought it should . I don't think this
model of HF press was meant to have a 20 ton jack ... Tim Taylor got
nothin' on me ! Har-har-har , More Power !
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I bet you wanted to use a lot stronger language than that.
Frack! FRACK! FRACK!!! Mother fracking fracking frack!!!
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Bob La Londe
Yup , not only did I think it , I expressed it loudly and repeatedly . This guy lives down the road (we share a property line) and he's the best neighbor I've ever had . We trade metal stock , help each other when we can , and he always has a cold beer in the cooler . What we did this morning probably saved him a couple hundred bucks in shop time , and what the hell , I'm retired and have the tools and time ...
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