Way Oil

I've been using Mobile Vactra #2 Way oil for some years in the ways on
all my machines. My primary vendors are out of stock, and even if it
was in stock the price has doubled. Interestingly one of my vendors
suggested a mineral oil that is the same viscosity as the Mobile
petrolatum based oil that is the same ISO68/SAE20. They have it listed
as a way oil and its the price the Mobile Vactra #2 was two years ago.
I've done the search engine thing and I can't really find any
information on the differences in use. The most articles I found were
mineral vs synthetic for combustion engines.
Anybody know of any issues?
Yes, Snag I started an oil thread. Head on over to the RMH VB&G, and
have one on me in apology.
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Bob La Londe
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No apology needed , but I'll take that drink and I'm sure Shirley has been alerted that I'm headed that way . As far as way oil , I've been using bar and chain oil for my chainsaws . Higher viscosity than 20 , but this shit is way sticky and slippery . I mix it with a little moly grease to use on my change gears (70 yo Logan/PowrKraft) too .
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