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Our local Farm & Fleet has the Delta 14" drill press, normally $ 370, on sale for $ 165. I've never seen it so cheap. I don't know if it's just our store, or if this applies to all of them.

One other nice thing I'd like to say about Farm & Fleet:

They have a posted 60 day return policy. I had an unused item (a winch) that I had held onto for 10 months, but didn't need. They cheerfully took it back and gave me a full refund.

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M Berger
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These are probably the same Chinese or Taiwanese(if you're lucky) units being sold elsewhere at HF and Homier. I've not had a problem with returns at the local HF store, but F&F is a good place to shop, too. At least Delta's proud enough to stick their name on it.


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