DIY: Spin caster with pics on my HP

Dear audience!

I've finaly finished the english version*) of my spin caster project you kindly helped me with with your input.

Note, that the page has no reference from the root of my HP, so you got to c&p the whole link.

If you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them here. I'll also fix my HP with your input.

If you find any erors (I bet you will) and feel the need to correct them, send me an eMail. My address is valid.

Later, I will add a chapter about making molds. This will take some time, because right now, I have nothing to cast that would make any sense. The spin caster is part of a project in work where the plans are not yet finished. It will take to september/october to cast something usefull. I'll let you hear.

*) This time I started with the english version, the german one will follow. Sounds crazy, but I found out the result gets better this way round.

You can see it at:

Thanks again for your input, Nick

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Nick Müller
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