DoAll DB5 BandSaw Blade Welder

I'm looking for someone who has a DoALL DB5 bandsaw blade welder. I need a couple pictures of the interior. I got a basket case and am trying to rebuild it and a visual would come in real handy. If you have one, I can explain more of what I need and which connections I need to see.

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I don't remember if the instructions on DoAll's website had an exploded view or not. But you can google DoAll and get instructions for the welders. If you know the approx. age you can get one for that era. My experience was that they did not change over a long period.


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I have a DBW 1A, probably not much help to you. But I did find the manual for it on DoAll's web site without much difficulty. The parts list gives a reasonable picture of the insides, but no real wiring schematic. You'll have to download the manual to see if it'll be any help to you.

If you download the DBW 1A manual too and see the interior looks substantially the same, I could take inside pics. But of course, you would have to make your own determination if things were really close enough that the photos would help.


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Jon Anderson

I don't have one, but maybe this will help you:

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