DuPont Teflon Multi-Use Lubricant?

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I noticed they have that at the local hardware megastore.
Will it work well in in-line skate or skateboard bearings? Would
be nice to have a lubricant that is waterproof and will not
attract dirt/grime on wheel bearings, since I skate in the city.
Will it help reduce wear on bolt threads? Vise Grips? A regular
What does it not do well that a messy lubricant will do?
Or is it just that it is much more expensive per volume?
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John Doe
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Maybe, but I'd be inclined not to use it as bearings are not listed. I suspect it also has some oil in it as I once inherited a can of Teflon mold release that I used on a bicycle chain and it rusted. Since then I only use things formulated for specific end uses.
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I don't see any problem at all. Sounds very much like the "dry film" stuff used for bike chains, for the same reason. Worst case, you have to clean it off and try something else. You are quite correct in that you have a problem with dirt/grime. The "liquid" lubes will pick up crud like mad.
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A graphite or molybdenum based lube used sparingly works well. Also white lithium. Anything that is oily by nature is going to attract dirt.
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Chief Two Eagles
Just a heads up on "mould releases"....they do provide some decent lubrication..but its designed for large surfaces sliding over one another. I use them for pistol magazines and they work very nicely.
But they suck..big time for rotating rolling parts running over each other.
Other lubricant familers are indicated for bearings.
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Well, no. Those bearings aren't based on rubbing parts, but on rolling elements; metal/metal pressures are so high that the teflon will squeeze out, and there isn't any moisture/dirt seal created either. Waterproof greases are better, you can get 'em at any bicycle shop.
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Much same, here. Silicone spray, the cheap stuff from walmart. Used it to lube the chain on a bike. Gave the bike to a boy whose family lived out of state. I heard later, the chain siezed up. I'm sure he was disapointed.
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Stormin Mormon
I bought some DuPont Teflon silicone lubricant. Decreased/cleaned my inline skate bearings. Then flooded the insides of the bearings with the spray lubricant before reassembly.
My skate wheels roll icy quick. Unlike regular lubricant, seems that grit does not get inside of the bearings, time will tell. Not sure how often it should be applied. Before my last long skate... Took the skates onto the porch, turned them upside down, and set them on a rubber doormat. Sprayed both sides of each bearing, between the bearings in the frame. Some of the lubricant probably penetrated into the bearings, most probably stayed outside. During the skate, since I don't use a break, I ditched into grass, dirt, and gravel many times. At least on that trip, stuff did not get caught or stay caught between my wheels and the frame. Some of the lubricant gets onto the polyurethane wheels and might help keep them from drying out, too. For several miles on that trip I was floating as the Teflon silicone lubricant levitated me off of the ground (kidding).
Appears to be doing great so far.
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John Doe
Hmmm, Teflon is slippery thing man ever invented.
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Tony Hwang
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Joseph Gwinn
I really like it on the garage door rollers, hinges, track, chain, etc. The one in the barn would get dirty when using spray oil. This solved it.
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Karl Townsend
About one week ago at night when carrying some stuff, I felt unpleasantly unsteady/awkward. It was probably either age catching up with me or (hopefully) using the new lubricant.
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John Doe
Before every third skate or so, I take the skates onto the porch, put them upside down on a rubber mat, and spray the bearing on both sides of each wheel. That might cause some slippage of the rubber wheels, at first like when the wheels are angled, but that is no problem for me.
That even keeps my black skates looking clean. Weird but true.
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John Doe

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