Engines are metal too ...

Looks like my near future metalworking is going to be building a motor for my truck . My son had it down in Memphis , an oil pressure sensor failed and it dumped all the oil , resulting in near-seizure and cylinder wall damage . It made it almost all the way home before it blew ... sounds like a piston blew it's top , but I won't know for sure until the heads are off . The scored cylinders I'm certain of , the bore scope shows that pretty clearly in the 5 cylinders I looked at . Ah what the hell , I've been wanting to build that motor - GM 305 "H"

- so it's getting a stage 3 cam , headers , an aluminum intake (from a friend , he's not sure but I remember seeing an Edelbrock Torker in his piles of "stuff") and probably a bump from 8.3:1 to 9:1 compression . That along with changing out the current 2.73:1 rear axle gears for a set of 3.42's should really wake the old girl up !

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