equipment availability in Seattle?

some of the family is contemplating a move to the Seattle area from NC. NC is
not known for a wide availability of machine tools, from what I can tell (
unless somebody can lead me in the right direction). How is the market in
Seattle? I'd consider looking up there while visiting, and hauling stuff back,
if it was worth my time and effort.
Being the frugal/cheap/broke(too many toys) kind of guy, I'm mostly looking for
quality used stuff.
Any help would be appreciated,
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There's stuff around but you have to root it out. It's not like the midwest or high northeast where older good stuff is coming out of the woodwork.
Sign up for the auctions announcements at
formatting link
and you'll get a good handle on what comes available.
Then there's Boeing Surplus. Not like the old days where every trip could be a windfall but sometimes there's good stuff. Prices on machines tend to be quite out of whack with auction prices and the stuff they put up for sale is often beat to hell. About the only real deals left are some of the "bin diving" cutting tools where you can get small drill bits for a good price. Re-sharpen them and you have a bunch of small size disposables that can be used for rough work when you don't want to use your good bits to get through that weld blob.
There used to be a couple of large used machine dealers here but their prices were a bit high. Both that I know of went out of business a couple of years ago when equipment plummeted in price. Not sure if any others are still around.
Re-PC can be a good source for cheap computers and parts if you are in to that kind of thing. Their stuff varies from really old crap to almost new. Good place to go if you need a "shop" pc that isn't the fastest on the block or replacement drives and power supplies. make a long story short, you may find some good stuff but it will take some effort.
CusMarsh wrote:
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Nope , nothing here.
Now go away.
Trust me, there are no quailty used tools here, at all.
In fact it isn't really a nice city to visit either.
Best not to waste your time.
Hey New York looks good.
They have Broadway and the Met.
All we have is lots of aerospace machine shops being liquidated.....
Ok maybe we have a few tools.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Hey, Ernie, how does one find out about that stuff? Because I'm in Seattle and can't find used stuff to save my life, but I don't know where to look, either.
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Walter Harley
Thanks Ernie,
I figured something might be available out there, and as long as I'm visiting family....
besides, a good southern boy like me can't go to NY, that'd be sinful.
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get on murphy auctions mailing list
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Suggest at least make a visit to Boeing Surplus, even if ya dont buy anything its always quite an adventure.......
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