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You may be able to find some CNC round holes punched, but it will be expensive. Can you find any metal screening like they use at dirt pits? Good shit, and very expensive unless you can find some second hand. Strong, and welds good. Put a wanted ad in the paper.


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I am going to use expanded metal covering the angle side son my trailer. Would 1/2 inch 13 guage be strong enough? I am wanting to be able to haul river gravel for my mulch and I like the small 1/2 inch size but I wish it was thicker. I can get 3/4 inch 9 guage but afraid the holes would be too big.

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You might have to use two layers -- the 1/2" to hold the gravel, and much heavier stuff for strength, backing it up.

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Ed Huntress

I could add more supports. I dont know I am going back and forth on that and plywood. Plywood does not last long though

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You can put scrap plywood against the inside of the heavier mesh to haul gravel.

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Michael A. Terrell

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Use a tarp as a liner when hauling loose stuff - sand, gravel, dirt, manure, etc.

You'll also want to have one to cover those loads...

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