Expanded Steel Source in SE WI

Does anyone know the best source for Expanded Steel (Perforated) in my
Area (SE Wisconsin).. When my dad owned a Tool and Die shop, I beleive he
got much of his Steel from Pottingers Steel Works in Racine, WI..
All I need is like 24" by 24".. I am guessing that Pottingers would be
very pricy if that is all I need.
Maybe I am better off Ordering from McMaster Carr?? I would prever
locally, so that I could see it first. Would a hardware store stock this
Jeff P
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They got that size stuff at Ace, although it might not be as thick as you need. If it's no good, McM is probably the way to go. Can try like, lumber stores too, they carry all kinds of stuff I s'pose...
Tim (in Beloit)
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Tim Williams
Menards has a real skimpy selection in their hardware department.
I might point out that expanded and perforated are not the same stuff. Expanded in sliced and pulled. Gives a characteristic diamond shape. some of it has a secondary rolling operation to flatten it. Perforated is just that, sheet stock with holes punched in it. You can have any pattern you want.
You really need to know what strength you need to get the proper thickness.
Jeffrae wrote:
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Thanks.. Menards has perforated.... I could not find expanded there.. I even looked at home depot..
Sorry for calling the expanded perforated.. Some Websites were calling it that. I want expanded.. Much stronger and I like the look..
Thanks, Jeff
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Check this out!!
I found a finished product at Menards made with expanded steel.. It is something you put on screen doors to protect it from the kids..
This Finished product is cheaper that McMasters Price for just the steel!!
I bought this and cut the expanded steel sheet out of the frame and I am good to go!!!
I guess that is what happens when everything is made in china..
Finished Product End up being cheaper then the raw material... CRAZY!!!
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With steel import duties on the raw steel but not the finished product, a lot of small to large manufcaturers are finding the same thing. I know a stamping house that lost a contract where the weight of the finished product delivered to the customer from off shore was less than his cost to buy the raw sheet stock.
Jeffrae wrote:
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