Using sheet metal, particleboard, or drywall screws in wood, and help finding a source for black finished wood screws

Hi everyone,
Can anyone please recommend a source for some black finished flat head
# 6 wood screws? I need them to be about 1" to 1.5" long. I am having
trouble finding black finish wood screws. The drive type is not really
important, but I prefer phillips over straight slot.
I found the black finished screws listed below at
formatting link

However, they are either sheet metal, particleboard, or drywall screws.
The screws are used inside the home and never get wet so I think I just
need moderate rust protection. I have a thin walled section so I don't
want the wood to split. However, I can drill a pilot hole so I doubt
splitting will be a problem. I want the screws to hold as strong as
possible. I am using a flat head because I want to "lock" the part
down on the wood best as possible, and avoid any wiggle or movement
under load. Flat heads seem to work well for this.
I really like the "High performance serrated thread" screws from
Mcmaster carr, but they only come in a silver zinc finish.
Of the three black finish screws below, which would you recommend ?
Black Finish:
Mcmaster Carr Part # 90033A160
Flat Head Phillips Sheet Metal Screw Black-Oxide Finish Steel, No 6
Size, 1" Length
Mcmaster Carr Part # 90252A106
Flat Head Phillips Particleboard Screw No. 6 Size, 1" Length
Mcmaster Carr Part # 90305A112
Premium Cntr-Sunk Head Phillips Drywall Screw Sharp Point, 6-18 Thread,
1" Length
Silver / Zinc Finish:
I prefer the following screws, they seem to work well but they are
going on a black oxide finished part and the shiny zinc finish seems to
stand out. It's just a matter of looks, I am not sure what people would
think of it, and the black screws would seem to look better to me, so I
would like to use black if I can.
Mcmaster Carr part # 91550A153
Hi-Performnce Serrated Thrd Flat Hd Wood Scrw Combination Drive,
Znc-Pltd Stl, No.6 Sz, 1" Length
Thanks for your help.
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Hi everyone,
I just found out that the head size of the drywall screws make them inconvenient for my application. The diameter of the drywall screws is larger than the other screws and it would force me to relocate my screws, which is undesirable. Mcmaster makes a drywall screw with a smaller head diameter, but then it lists the head height as .150" and the thickness of my part (a flat steel plate) is only .156". I suppose it could work, but I tend to think I should not countersink through the entire material thickness.
I am currently countersinking for a .127" diameter head, and I cannot go much bigger than that due to space constraints.
The particleboard screw head height is .120" and the sheet metal screw head height is .083". Both the particleboard and sheet metal screws have head diameters almost exactly the same as the silver zinc plated serrated thread screw I am currently using.
The sheet metal screw seems to have almost the exact same head dimensions as the part # 91550A153 serrated thread (silver zinc plated screw) I am using now. If the sheet metal screw will not work well enough, I guess I will use the particleboard screws.
I would appreciate any further feedback.
Thanks again, John
John2005 wrote:
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I decided to go with the sheet metal screw, I don't see why it would not work well with the right size pilot hole.
John2005 wrote:
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I don't see why you can't get whatever screw you want...and then dip the head in a durable black paint...
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all my sheet metal & wood screws are mixed in together in my workshop. they can be interchanged all right, though for some applications, like a swing set, i would use "belt & braces" approach.
i suggest Home Depot, if you have one. huge selection. good chance they have the black oxide durable finish you're probably looking for.
John2005 wrote:
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