Need info about stainless steel for small flat springs

Thanks in advance for any information.
I am looking for a source for stainless steel that is used for kitchen
spatulas or pastry knives. I need the material to already have temper
and flexibility properties of the utensils.
I need a small qauntity (24"x24" approx .040-.063 thickness)
I need it for making flat springs for several large format view
cameras. The material requries no forming other then cutting to shape
and boring some holes, all which I can have done on a water jet. The
springs are doubled up, the bottom spring 10" long and .5" wide
tapering to about .25 at the ends. The top spring is 8" long.
I could simply buy some long pastry knives and cut springs from them,
but it would be simpler from a mfg point of view to cut from a larger
piece of material.
If a stainless is available in this ready to go "state" for springs
what is the grade or designation I would be looking for? Any idea
about a supplier for that small lot? McMaster Carr, MSC etc?
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Jim C
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Jim, McMaster Carr sells 301 full hard temper sheets .048 x 12 x 12 for $22.60, item# 1217T57. 301 stainless is commonly used for flat springs and full hard is "spring temper". They have thicknesses from .015" to .075" available. Paul
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