Experience with little, cheap compressed air, battery-powered air blowers?

Like any of the ones they sell on Amazon?
I enjoy using compressed air to remove metal dust, but it's sort of a waste
since there is no need for dust-free air to do that.
I'm aware of air compressors, but my efforts are usually only an hour or so,
then pick up and put up.
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What a fool.
A) high-speed metal particles in the eyes B) metal dust in the sinuses and lungs
I had one college metal shop instructor who made it clear that metal chips are to be cleared away with brushes. The air was kept up high, almost out of reach. I don't remember anyone ever using it.
At a another school, there were homies on the other side of the bench directly across from me, blasting aluminum dust clouds my way.
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They were trying to cover up the stink.
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John Doe
Metal particles float around in the air during metalworking, before using any sort of particle removal. When inside, sometimes my filter fan is used on its highest setting.
There are some uses for compressed air that a brush cannot accomplish. For example, blowing out a cutting fluid filled dirty hole produced by drilling and threading. Canned compressed air does that very well.
This is a nym-shifting troll persistently making a nuisance of itself...
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