Fixing a gas grill with low flame

I have a Weber Genesis Gold C gas grill that I bought new about ten
years ago, and have never had a problem with. Recently, it would not
light with the sparker (even thought the spark was visible and strong),
but would light with a handheld butane lighter. The flame on the front
bar was however too yellow and flickering. The other two bars were OK.
Now, this situation is covered in the manual, a common problem being a
spider web in the venturi. I took all three burner bars out, cleaned
their plastic bug screens, and looked down the bore but saw nothing, and
put it all back together.
Now, all the bars have low flame, flickering and noisy. Huh?
Sounds like the regulator's max-flow limiter tripped, don't know how or
why. Went through the reset sequence; no change. Did it again, no joy.
Bought a replacement regulator for $25. It would not turn on at all,
don't know why.
Went through the sequence again with the original regulator, this time
rapping on the regulator body with a lead hammer. This worked.
But still the front bar is yielding a too-yellow flame, and the spark
lighter does not work. Used the grill this way a few times - the grill
ran cooler than normal, but I was able to compensate.
When the weather cooperated, swapped the front and rear burner bars
(they are identical, but one is upside down with respect to the other).
Now, the yellow flame is in the back, so the problem is in the burner
bar, not the burner gas valve.
Now, burner bars are dead simple, being a bit of pressed stainless steel
sheet. Took the bar into my shop, took the bug screen and air
adjustment gate off (first marking its location using a metal scriber),
and looked down the bore with a flashlight. Sure enough, there was a
spiderweb in the venturi throat. The web was thin enough to see
through, and yet dense enough to interfere with correct mixing of air
and fuel. Cleaned the venturi out with a big screwdriver, and put
everything back together. Now the grill works normally.
And the moral is that one should clean the burner bar venturi throats
even if they don't seem to need it.
Joe Gwinn
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Joseph Gwinn
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I'd like to figure out a way to get my Weber "Silver A" up to 800 deg or more. Higher pressure regulator? Bigger orifice? I'd like to get a descent char on a steak without resorting to charcoal! Yes, I love charcoal but I have seen gas grills do a good job...just not this one.
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Tom Gardner
IR burners, you need an IR burner. Perhaps buy one as a replacement part for some other grill and retrofit it.
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Pete C.
I recall seeing that there were two kinds of Weber regulator, differentiated by the color of the big plastic nut used to attach regulator to the 20# propane bottle. The difference was the propane pressure delivered to the burners, 10 psi versus 1 psi. Here is one:
But it probably won't work with the burner assembly in a 1 psi system.
Search at for a bunch of alternatives.
Joe Gwinn
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Joseph Gwinn

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