Lifetime gas grill

I got tired of rebuilding my gas grill and I decided to make a lifetime unit.

Looking at my old $100 Aluminum bodied unit, I discovered that the shell was fine, the guts all rusted out, and the only thing worth saving on the rusted out table were the plastic wheels.

OK. First I scavaged around for some 2x4's.

I built a 2x4 grill stand using 3 - 2x4's across the top as the 'table'. Made the legs nice and tall for ease of use, and a 2x4 shelf below for the gas tank.

I used 2 pieces of 1" square tubing about 10" long to make a pair of bases for the shell.

One 1/4 - 20 bolt through the tubing and a few #10 sheet metal screws to the wood below and she was mounted to the stand.

Next the burner. Using a 15" length of 1" square tubing, I welded the ends closed. (I cut a ~1" slot with an angle grinder and bent the flap to the bottom and welded it.)

I drilled a series of 1/16" holes about 1/2" apart for the flame.

Below the flame holes and off a little to one side, I cut a 1/2" hole and I welded a piece of bicycle handlebar tubing with the bend.

Done! Just drop the burner through the hole in the bottom and wire on the original gas valve outlet.

For a 'flavorizer' I bought a slotted broiler pan insert at Goodwill for $0.79 and cut it to size and sheet metal screwed the 2 pieces together.

Added the plastic wheels and it was complete.

Painted all the parts black and it looks great and cooks better than the original settup.

The 2x4's should last a lifetime and so will the aluminum.

The burner should outlast 4 or 5 tinny ones.

It could also be made from black 1/2" pipe nipples and a 'T'.

Do you think that plans for this would sell?

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My Grandmother would always say the same thing when I presented a new idea and claimed I could sell it. It usually started like this: "Look Gramma, I could sell these for 50 cents each" To which she would reply: "Thats nice who?


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Nowadays people want the cheapest shit they can find, foreign made if possible. Most people don't care about long lasting or do it yourself.

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"AL" wrote

Boy, you are more insightful than Dr. Phil. Wrong, but insightful.

Most people don't care about long lasting or do it yourself.

Bingo. Buy it, take it home, be cooking in 15 minutes. If it wears out or has a problem, just get another. I have seen a lot of useful looking grills at the curb waiting the trash man.

It's much cheaper for some people to just go buy one compared to the money they can make in eight hours.

And some people just don't want to get dirty or break a nail.


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Steve B

"I have seen a lot of useful looking grills at the curb waiting the trash man."

Yep! These are the ones that I recycle.

Mine will last at least 10x longer. If the main aluminum case does not rust out (impossible) all other parts may be quickly and cheaply replaced.

Steve B wrote:

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