Everyone in the Northeast ok?

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People in my town, in central NJ, felt it, but I didn't. It must have been really subtle here.
My son is in Washington, DC, and they felt it pretty strongly.
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Ed Huntress
Wobbled a bit here in Syracuse NY.
The equip on the manufacturing floor downstairs wobbled enough that someone pulled the fire alarm.
I was on the 2nd floor (2/2) on a rolling chair- pretty good detector, I stayed in the same place, floor kept moving.
Shook for a few seconds, stopped, then a few secs more, then done.
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Felt as far north as Toronto and NH, as far south as Jacksonville and as far west as Madison, WI.
Felt it clearly here in Central NJ as well... Still waiting to hear from my friend a few miles from the epicenter. 5.9 (to be confirmed) about 60 miles south of DC.
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Joe AutoDrill
I was on an IM chat with my boss in VA when it hit. He is just a few miles from the epicenter and he reports no known damage where he is.
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Pete C.
The only earthquake I've ever experiences was in Acapulco.
The whole family went down for a few days to celebrate my folks 25th wedding anniversary. We had just checked in at the Princess, went up to our rooms and I was sitting on the john when it started wiggling! That went on for half a minute... A LONG half minute, mind you.
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Yep, we did. Scratch one more thing off my "bucket list". (I've actually experienced one before, but I slept through it, and woke up to the cry of "terramoto" (earthquake in Spanish) from the street vendors outside.) Maybe the springs of the bed kept it from waking me up. :-)
This one (I'm in Vienna Va) was quite noticeable sitting in the Lay-Z-Boy and typing on the computer. The vertical waves were relatively minor -- but easy to feel. The transverse waves started making things dance and dumping a few things to the floor -- including my Father's ships' clock, which survived, a can and an outlet strip, and quite a few books here and there.
One cat totally freaked, and still had not really calmed down yet. The other is still operating on "Something happened? I didn't notice it." time. :-)
Shortly afterwards, everyone out in the street, talking to neighbors and comparing experiences.
Interestingly enough, I'm about two miles from what the local Television stations picked as the most video-worthy damage, where the triangular part of the end of a brick building (under the roof end) fell down and damaged four cars -- totaling at least one. Nobody hurt there, though there could have been fatalities if anyone had been in one or two of the cars, or walking on the sidewalk between the cars and the building.
And there seems to have been damage almost as bad in some areas of Maryland -- significantly more distant from the epicenter.
There may be more damage showing when the Mobile TV vans are allowed up the ramps to Culpepper (much closer to the epicenter) where currently all tractor-trailers are being turned away. In the meanwhile, they show what they consider the most photogenic damage. :-(
If I were expecting more of these of this magnitude (we've had a couple of unfeelable aftershocks in the 2.8 range), there are certainly things which I would do differently.
There are later reports of some minor injuries, but nothing serious so far -- thank God!
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
Here in Allentown Pa I had some pipe fall off my stock rack. I just thought it was spooks until I heard about the earthquake on the radio. My CCTV gota good vid of a boat sitting in the alley out back bouncing around alittle.
Remove 333 to reply. Randy
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In California, all the news commentators have been essentially laughing at the easterners who all panicked and stuff.
In California, a 5.8 earthquake might wake people up, but usually they'll just roll over and go back to sleep. ;-)
Cheers! Rich
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Rich Grise

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