Ford Ranger won't start

I have a 2001 Ford Ranger with the 4.0 V6 4X4. It hasn't been driven very
much but we try to start it and drive it some, it's mostly a backup when
another vehicle needs service or when we need a truck.
Recently the battery went bad, replaced it last weekend.
Now it cranks over without trying to start. I shot starting fluid in the
breather, it starts and runs a few seconds, then quits, so I'm guessing it's
not getting fuel.
I plan to check for power to fuel pump as my next step. Any other ideas?
If the anti-theft cut off fuel if the key code reader wasn't working
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Check the fuel pump impact switch. Check for fuel pressure at the schrader valve. Check for power on one side of the injector plug with key on, not cranking. Check for injector operation with a stethoscope.
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Mine's a 1991, EEC-IV, so maybe not too similar. The fuel pump runs for a second or so to pressurize the injectors when the key is switched on, then stops until the crankshaft sensor tells the computer that the engine is turning (AFAIK). This is to prevent the pump from squirting gas from a broken line after a crash. Chevy Vegas grounded the fuel pump through the oil pressure sensor for the same reason. There's also an inertia switch like the one that triggers air bags which kills the pump, a mechanical backup to the computer.
The inertia switch, behind the upper edge of the carpet under the dash on the passenger side, opens the hot wire from the relay to the pump. The computer grounds the low side of the pump relay to enable it. My note on the schematic says the pump draws 3.0A.
The quick test is to turn on the ignition without starting and listen for the pump's whirring sound. I've had to pull mine out of the tank and de-gunk it. Fortunately Ford Ranger beds are easy to unbolt from above with a T55 bit. jsw
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Jim Wilkins
I had a similar problem. There was some corrosion on the fuel pump relay contacts. So the relay would not operate. Pull the relay from the box in the engine compartment and see it there is any corrosion on the pins that plug into the relay socket.
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