Fractal vise

A glass worker called this to my attention:

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Probably not for the railway forge shop but custom machine shop guys might like it.

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Mike Spencer
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That page refers to "an old (early 1990s patent) milling machine vise with similar jaws".

"1990s" probably is a typo for 1900s. Mid-2021 youtube video

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is on refurbishing a similar early-1900s vise, said to be of 1920s vintage. In the video,

3:00 shows dovetails that hold moving parts together; 5:45 - 6:00 shows the fractal structure (each semicircular tooth has two smaller semicircles cut into its diameter to hold two teeth of the next level) plus parts laid out before cleaning and restoration. 34:30 shows like-new appearance after the restoration.
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shows a 3D printed version.
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James Waldby

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