FS (2) Emco Compact 5 Lathes

Ive stumbled across not 1, but 2 Emco Compact 5 cnc lathes.
One is in perfect working order..the other has unknown issues with the
I want $4500 OBO for the pair. Run one, use the other for spares, fix
the other and sell it. Some tooling is included.
Here is one that closed a couple days ago on ebay.
formatting link

Email me for pictures and information.
* Industry standard G programming
Compact space required
* Minimum energy required
Simple and economical servicing
* Upgrade expansion capability
Quick change and automatic turret tooling systems
* Minimum danger of machine damage or personal injury
Motor overload protection. Automatic power balance provides
practically constant speed.
CNC Control Features
* Programmed as per EIA
220 block program storage
* G and M codes with canned cycles
Program spindle ON/OFF
* All tapes and radii can be cut in steps of .0004; programming via
center point coordinated I, K
Subroutines and jump instructions
* Dwells able to be programmed
Permanent readout in manual mode
* Alarm indications for programming and operator errors
Full on-line editing
* Incremental/absolute programming
* Block insert/delete with auto renumbering
* Metric and inch programming
Magnetic mini-cassette recording
* Standard RS-232 port
Ball screw compensation via G-28
* Single block operation
Swing Over Bed: 5.1"
* Center Height: 2.56"
Distance Between Centers: 12.2"
* Swing Over Cross Slide: 2.4"
Travel Of Cross Slide: 1.9"
* Spindle Bore: .63"
Spindle Taper: MT2
* Center Sleeve Diameter: .9"
Tailstock Taper: MT1
* Sleeve Stroke: 1.4"
Step Motors: 5° /Step, 50 Ncm
* Rapid Feed: 28" /min
* DC perm, magnet motor
with six drive ratios Speed Range: 50-3200 RPM
* Motor: 2/3 HP, Single Phase
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