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I know a guy wh filled a 45 gallon drum with oxy-acet from his cutting torch - the drum had a spark plug threaded into a welded in bung, connected to a model "T" ignition coil. He put it out in the feild, with wire strung back into the bush where he crouched behind a couple cords of firewood.

When it went off it left a huge crater in the feild and he was buried in cord-wood. His hearing never fully recovered.

This was an experiment to find a cheap way of blasting stumps. (back in the early sixties IIRC)

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A 30 gallon trash bag filled with a lean mix at 0psi (relative) is plenty loud enough for me, and has very little destructive potential. Set off on grass, all it does is flatten it a little.

After pulling off my ear protection just post-detonation (at night the flash is like a nuke going off), I could hear it echo in the hudson valley for about 10 seconds. Absolutely amazing.

Remote fill with 30 feet of surgical tubing, ignite with a few strands of fine wire from a lamp cord taped to the bottom of the bag, connected to alligator clips connected to an extension cord.

It's possible a good gas/air mix at 200 psi might rival acet/oxy at

15, but acetylene is indeed some potent stuff. Could always favor the gas mix by using gasoline/oxygen...


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