GE Statotrol Motor ?

Bought a GE Statotrol Motor with a 15-1 speed reducer, primarily for the
speed reducer. Anyone know what this 1/2 HP 1750 RPM is ? Did a google search
and it looks like it might be variable speed? But in terms over my head. The
motor # is sbcd56eb318.
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Hi, Unless I am mistaken, this is a DC motor originally marketed to operate with a GE Statitrol DC drive. You can probably run it from any DC drive/supply.
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MP Toolman
What MP said, and the GE drives that can be used for this series of motors up to 2 HP are in the Statotrol JR series.
I'm presently wiring one of these drives to test and set up some DC motors I've had sitting around. If you find a use for the motor, almost any common drive circuit should work.
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Wild Bill

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