Good Woodworking Group?

What's a good woodworking group? I'm doing a lot of model airplane work
these days. It's driving me to build my own tools, as well maintaining
my chisels to a higher level of keenness than I've ever done before
(balsa wood is very unforgiving of a dull blade).
So I want to start lurking, eventually start asking questions about good
books and/or sites to learn more about building tools of my own design,
just what is the right way to set up a chisel, etc.
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Tim Wescott
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rec.woodworking is a pretty good group.
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Roger Shoaf
When I have the time I hang with the neanderthals at the old tools mailing list, as being somewhat higher s/n than rec.woodworking, but currently I have about 15,000 unread messages in that mailbox, as I've been short of time. Typical email listserve arrangement. Blurb follows: +++++++++++++++++++ OldTools is a mailing list catering to the interests of hand tool aficionados, both collectors and users, to discuss the history, usage, value, location, availability, collectibility, and restoration of traditional handtools, especially woodworking tools.
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