Great project-- weed wrench

Couple of quick observations. Lots of people seem to think that anything posted on a web page is public domain. (They're wrong, of course.) Lots of teachers think it is Ok to copy instructional material because it is "for the children", and that somehow makes theft Ok.


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I just couldn't pass it up , I won't rat out anyone unless it's really serious. The same thing crossed my mind when I first read it , but the number hit me as probably expired and didn't put it together with the web site like you did. I even went to the site just to see what one was. Probably not , but still.

I missed a lot when I lived there. One that still gets me is that I forgot to hit up the best libraries ! I stayed in East Boston, the middle of the state and Cap Cod all in one summer. Never did get to see what a subway was like either. Plus, I should have taken that CNC job that the guy was practically begging me to take , that was a big blunder. Instead I took the highest pay and the hardest work. I can imagine your story , its a mad house out there IMO.

I'm in a real dilemma with my patent. Sending off a grand is going to hurt and I'd love to write more children for that one and some others. I'd be down right scary if I had some $. Reminds me of this monster pool I just finished in a way. The customer is about 27 and has his own new limo and hummer and tried to steal the sprayer off my hose ! I turned the water on and the stereo and plug ins where getting drown by the open end of the hose. Had to search the whole property or leave and found it next to his hummer so he could wash it. Nothing like 20 minutes of panic and rage to start off your morning. Matter of fact every day of that pool was that way. If the GFCI had tripped in his house I would have lost it.

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On Thu, 24 Jun 2004 12:35:59 -0400, Jeff Wisnia vaguely proposed a theory ......and in reply I say!:

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Not really. They do not have to _pay_ those wages etc. But on paper they were a cost, and so they did not do it for profit. I am talking legal here. It's a moot point, and possibly silly.

As someone who is working for future money (developing a property up from rough scrub and tree roots) I often look at "wages" even though I get none.

But according to the _exclusively_ post hole borer makers, they are not raping or whatever, but charging what they need to to _make a living_ (and they are not doing very well) by making post hole borers. IMO they should simply not survive, if the market for the product is not sufficient to allow lowering costs and they operate as they do. It's a slf-destroying market. The reason the cheap guy can make it is he's smart enough to do other stuff as well, thereby making a _profit_, but not a _living_, from the hole borers.

hmmm....they deserve to fail for different reasons.

I reckon the patent system "Desgined to encourage the disemination of technology and ideas" or whatever crap, is a dog'sbody of a thing, designed to make afforementioned lawyers rich, and to scare a patentor (?) so bitter by the time he has finished that he _HAS_ to charge the earth for his shrink bills!

OK. I see why you might be a little touchy. On the other hand, outright stealing your ideas and flinging them about, presumably without credit, is different from referring people to your website. Hey! Maybe the whole thing is a troll by the weed puller guys!

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